Ceremonial Centre of Cahuachi, Chauchilla Graveyard and Cantalloc Acueducts Tour and Flight Over The Nazca Lines
Duration: 6 Hours
Price: $189 USD

Our 3 in 1 tour includes: Pyramid of Cahuachi, Chauchilla Graveyard and Cantalloc Aqueducts in a private service. The tour takes 3 hours and 30 minutes, where you will be with a professional tour guide that speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish and then fly over the Nazca Lines in a Cessna airplane with a bilingual pilot and copilot. The flight takes 30 minutes where you will see 14 emblematic Nazca Lines.

The Ceremonial Centre of Cahuachi is located in the Nazca region in the department of Ica, Peru. It is one of the main archeological deposits of the Nazca culture, known for their famous lines and figures on the desert.

Cahuachi is one great adobe platform with a approximate surface of 50 hectares that it is believed to be used for religious ceremonies and rituals during the Nazca era. Inside there has been found remains of constructions, ceramics and other cult objects.

The Chauchilla graveyard is located 30 km from the east of Nazca city. Is a group of tombs that date from the Nazca era and were used for more than a thousand years. The tombs were made using adobe and covered with straw roofs and inside there has been found human remains and funerary objects.

The Cantalloc Aqueducts are also located in the Nazca region and are an example of hydraulic engineering used by the Nazca culture. These underground channels were made by using stones and adobe and were used to lead the water from near sources to the cultivated area. The aqueducts were built with extreme precision and are believed to have been used until the colonial time.

These three archeological sites are an important testimony of the culture and history of the Nazca region and are a popular touristic destiny in Peru