Ride the Dunes of Huacachina on Horseback and Savor the Flavors of Pisco.
Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night
Price: $359 USD

Located in the heart of the Peruvian desert, the oasis town of Huacachina is a unique and picturesque destination that offers a variety of adventures for visitors to enjoy. One of the most popular activities in the area is taking a horseback tour through the towering sand dunes that surround the town.

Riding a horse through the dunes is a truly unforgettable experience. The sun beats down on your skin as you make your way up and down the rolling hills of sand, with only the sound of your horse’s hooves and the rustle of the wind for company. The view from the top of the dunes is truly breathtaking, with a panoramic vista of the desert and the distant Andes Mountains.

After a thrilling horseback ride, it’s time to relax and sample some of the local cuisine. In Huacachina, one of the most famous products is Pisco, a type of brandy that is made from grapes grown in the nearby valley. A Pisco tasting is the perfect way to end a day of exploring the desert. You’ll learn about the production process, try a variety of flavors, and discover why this drink is such an important part of Peruvian culture.

The next day, you’ll have the opportunity to continue your education in the art of mixology with a cocktail-making class. In this fun and interactive experience, you’ll learn how to create classic Peruvian cocktails using Pisco as the base ingredient. You’ll learn the history and tradition behind each drink, and have the chance to mix and sample a variety of cocktails yourself.

Luchys Country House in Ica is the perfect place to spend the night. This charming hotel offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful gardens and stunning views of the desert. The final highlight of your desert adventure is an aerial tour of the Nazca Lines and Palpa in a Cessna aircraft. These mysterious ancient geoglyphs are one of the most famous attractions in Peru, and seeing them from the air is an awe-inspiring experience.

So why wait? Book your tour today and start exploring the magic of Huacachina!